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5 Great Portable Hard Drives


Portable Hard drives are the hottest thing next to high capacity pen drives these days. With the word ‘portable’ actually meaning something these days, the hard drives are shrinking in size, reduction in noise and vibration and most of all, are

now cost effective. There are hundreds of companies churning out better and better hard drives by each passing day and the market is getting bigger and more complicated to choose from. If you’re an individual who needs quick, effective and portable data storage, here’s a list of 5 top picks by TechMirage.

1. Western Digital – My Passport Studio

Verdict: This bad boy can read and write data at over a massive 60 MB/s using the proprietary IEEE FireWire 800 port. If you’re a Mac user, this is definitely your pick. Love: Clean Interface, e-Link Status display, Necessary cables supplied, Firewire 800 interface. Hate: Absolutely None! 500 GB: $210

2. Buffalo MiniStation Metro

Verdict: If you want a solid sturdy hard drive, this baby is just for you. It will keep your data absolutely secure with it’s hardware encryption and a solid rugged exterior. Love: Excellent Build quality, Rugged exteriors, Hardware Encryption Hate: Priced a wee bit on the higher side. 320 GB: $200 500 GB: $290

3. Seagate FreeAgent Go

Verdict: A very reasonably priced and a good looking hard drive, for the normal day to day usage. Looks pretty good and performs well enough for home use. Love: Quite Slim and Portable, Attractive, Shiny. Hate: Write Speeds could have been much better than this. 500 GB: $125 640 GB: $160

4. Transcend StoreJet 25M

Verdict: A complete package of ruggedness, very reasonable and an attractive price along with one-touch functionality. Meant for the careless users. Love: Extremely Attractive Pricing, Ruggedness, One-Touch features. Hate: Outer Rubber Sheath adds to bulk. 320 GB: $75 500 GB: $100

5. Iomega eGo Helium

Verdict: Shock-proof and reasonable aesthetics adds to it’s appeal. Simple product for a simple user, at a very good price and equally good performance. Love: Shiny Aluminum Body, Shock and Drop proof. Hate: None Whatsoever. 500 GB: $110

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