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Apple Builds Facebook into iPhone OS

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Facebook addicts can now breathe a sigh of relief. Apple is incorporating Facebook features right into the new upcoming version of the iPhone software. The Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference which is on June 7th of this year, might have a great impact on the iPhone sales. These features are most likely to be announced during the keynote speech. Also, speculations hold that the new iPhone might be announced along with it as well.

The buzz around the web claims that Apple is going to build Facebook contact synchronization features directly into the iPhone OS, such that you can pull out all the information regarding your Facebook friends and get them right into your phone. This should nullify use of any 3rd party applications for the iPhone, since social networking is quite the in-thing and since major competitors for the iPhone have already incorporated Facebook and other such social networking websites into their phones already, it was an obvious move for Apple.

There are also some talks going on about Facebook messaging features to be included in the phone as well. It may allow the users to send Facebook messages to contacts as easily as sending a text message. Obviously, this won’t cost money, but again, this is just a part of speculation as well. Facebook is one of the most downloaded and most popular applications for the iPhone and iTouch. It’s quite obvious that Apple finally gave in and accepted what the world wanted. Let’s wait and see what June 7th holds for us.

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