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Dell – Enters the Mobile Market?


Popular tech blogging portal, Engadget stumbled upon a massive leak, (which many say was done on purpose by the company) via Dell. Apparently, Dell has ventured into the mobile market, with the acquiescent of Windows 7 for mobile operating systems in their phones. According to Engadget, there is not just ONE phone that will be coming out from Dell as it’s appearance into the global market of mobile phones, but rather, they are planning to unveil High end Windows Phone 7 slider and Thunder Android phones, Midranged Flash and Smoke android based phones and to top it all off, a glorious seven inch mammoth of an Android tablet. Looks like the staff at Engadget are having the time of their lives playing with these uber cool new gadgets! The social networking sites are going crazy after the news leaked out getting the former over thousands of tweets and retweets. If Gizmodo got the iPhone, Engadget got back with the Dell phone! The phones and tablet are worth looking for, if you’re a gadget lover and a geek, this is a must have and see. via Engadget.

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